12-29-06 Capp Street Falcon meets Raven on steeple at Capp and 23rd Street, San Francisco

12-23-06 Red-Tailed Hawk at 22nd and Capp St, San Francisco

10-25-06 Capp Street Falcon preens

10-10-06 Cappy Returns to Capp Street, first sighting this October

7-30-06 Heron's Head Park, one Falcon (but not what you think) plus Great Blue Heron doing a dance, Egret impersonating Fred Astaire, and two gulls in an argument

7-27-06 Another Falcon sighting on Pier 14 Plus Hundreds of Pelicans

7-11-06 One Falcon, then on to Pier 14, Pelicans and Parrots behind Embarcadero Center

6-8-06 Gracie comes in to land...Halo

* 6-5-06 Junior caught in air-to-air food swap

6-4-06 Gracie stoops over the bay

* 5-26-06 Fledging Day!

5-24-06 Defending the Nest

* 5-23-06 An Air-to-Air Food Transfer

5-22-06 Noontime, Junior Gets Fed

* 5-18-06 Noontime, George and Gracie fly over Main Street

5-12-06 Noontime, George flies to the bridge then back to pose for me on 123 Mission

* 5-4-06 Banding Day

5-1-06 George bring in lunch, then takes it away...

4-28-06 George bring in lunch, Gracie takes it and returns...

4-27-06 George and Gracie spend the evening hunting

4-25-06 George hunts then delivers food

4-20-06 George guards the nest, Gracie flies

4-18-06 Noon George guards the nest

4-17-06 Noon George and Gracie fly

4-13-06 Evening, George flies to Bay Bridge, preens on the web...

4-13-06 Noon, George flies and preens

4-7-06 Yet another noontime nest exchange...

4-6-06 Nest exchange at one, News at 6...

4-5-06 Lunchtime nest exchange

4-4-06 Evening, George brings dinner, Gracie eats out...

4-4-06 Gracie leaves to dry out and stretch...

3-30-06 George trades places with Gracie

3-28-06 An Evening Over the Nest

3-27-06 Gracie watches over the nest

3-23-06 George defends the nest from a Red Tail Hawk

3-22-06 Gracie and George defend the nest

* 3-21-06 Gracie preens, then flies

3-16-06 George arrives in a rainstorm

3-14-06 George & Gracie take turns on the eggs

3-12-06 Cappy preens on a Sunday evening...

3-10-06 Delivery and Take-out on Main Street

3-9-06 George and Gracie, a view from Main St

* 3-7-06 Thirty floors up, the nest site is found on 201 Main Street

3-6-06 George and Gracie, a view from Cupid's Span

3-3-06 Evening and Cappy is back again (ee-chup!!!)

3-3-06 Lunchtime sighting of George plus a bonus photo

3-3-06 Cappy finishes breakfast , a different pigeon as a hummingbird looks on

3-2-06 Dinner on Spear Street Tower

3-1-06 Cappy returns to the steeple for breakfast (pigeon being eaten...)

2-24-06 More views of the Juvie Peregrine up close plus a noontime view far away of George or Gracie

2-23-06 A juvie is found in the Mission, and return to the bridge (can you see the falcon?)

2-22-06 Sitting on the Bay Bridge

2-16-06 after Valentines and the romance continues (explicit)

2-14-06 Valentines Day evening...

2-9-06 Dinner on the Bay Bridge

1-10-06 Capp Street Night Shoot

1-7-06 Capp Street, Cappy flies and after


The general area of the 201 Mission Nest Site...