12-27-07 Falcons on W4 of the Bay Bridge and morning shots of Cappy, plus Western Grebes and a Cormorant

12-20-07 Winter Solstice Falcon Gathering

11-17-07 Day Ten after the Oil Spill (Damage photos of Cosco Busan, bird survey shots from India Basin/Heron's Head, Warm Water Cove and Channel Street canal, oil spotted Grebes and Pelican)

11-16-07 Day Nine after the Oil Spill (One clean Surf Scoter flies by Pier 14, Grebes still oil spotted)

11-15-07 Day Eight after the Oil Spill (Grebes, & Cormorants with oil spotting)

11-12-07 Day Five after the Oil Spill (Gulls, Grebes, Cormorants all with oil spotting)

11-11-07 Warm Water Cove (24th Street), Aqua Vista and China Basin Channel (oil on Gulls, Grebes, ducks and a Brown Pelican)

11-09-07 Pier 14 heavily oiled duck sighted plus grebes with oil

11-08-07 The next day, falcon sighting at Capp Street and then at lunch, the Cosco Busan and some other details

11-07-07 Day of the Oil Spill, clean gull and not so clean grebes

11-06-07 Noontime at Pier 14, cormorants, grebes in the water and an oil spill recovery craft

11-05-07 Capp Street falcon sighting

11-03-07 Richardson Bay (a slough nearby) and Tennessee Valley trail (stilts, avocets, ducks, kestrels and a lone handsome Ring-billed Gull)

11-01-07 Evening on Pier 14 in San Francisco

10-31-07 A Foggy Halloween Afternoon in San Francisco, (RT Hawk, Pelicans and two Gulls)

10-30-07 Falcon on steeple and on the Bay Bridge

10-28-07 Falcon on Fruitvale Ave Bridge in Alameda-Oakland, plus birding at MLK Jr Regional Shoreline near Oakland Airport

10-27-07 Migrating Red-tail Hawks soaring over San Francisco - Mission District

10-22-07 Peregrine Falcons, up very close, and very far away

10-21-07 Pescadero Marsh Natural Preserve & Beach (gulls, ducks, cormorants, raptors, & one lone sparrow and some scenery thrown in for good measure)

10-20-07 Blufftop Coastal Park, Half Moon Bay, Raptors (RT Hawks, WT Kites, Kestrel and Harrier)

10-20-07 Pillar Point and Maverick - Dawn Birding - Willet, Marbled Godwit, Black-Crowned Night Heron and more

10-17-07 A noontime sampling of birding at Pier 14, Gulls, Grebe, Pelican, Cormorant (soft lighting)

10-16-07 A falcon returns to Capp Street, plus and evening of bird photos from Pier 14

10-13-07 Starkweather path at Baypoints Lagoon, Great Blue, White Pelicans and others

10-05-07 A falcon is spotted on 100 Van Ness in San Francisco

10-04-07 Things that fly over the bay, Blue Angels, falcons, pelicans and more

10-03-07 Pelicans, Grebe, Gulls and a Tern

10-02-07 Two pelicans pass by, plus a falcon on the bridge, a cormorant and gull up close

10-01-07 Back in San Francisco, Pier 14, soft lighting at noon gives some interesting shots of pelicans, gulls, cororant and of course a falcon

9-29-07 Sonoma Community Gardens, in the town of Sonoma, CA mid morning birding, a Red-Shoulder Hawk and some passerines.

9-27-07 Thursday, one falcon on the bridge and the highlights of 40 minutes of shooting on the bay

9-26-07 Wednesday, two falcons on the bridge plus gull portraits and a grebe

9-25-07 Tuesday on Pier 14, Gulls, Pelicans, a falcon and a shark?

9-21-07 Friday on Pier 14, Elegant Terns diving

9-20-07 Thursday on Pier 14, It isn't easy being a gull

9-13-07 Thursday on Pier 14, Pelicans, Cormorants, Gulls and again, one Harbor Seal

9-12-07 Wednesday on Pier 14, Pelicans, Cormorants and one Harbor Seal

9-10-07 Monday on Pier 14, Pelicans and one Peregrine Falcon

9-08-07 Birding at Bel Marin Keys Coastal Conservancy, White-tailed Kites, Red-tailed Hawk, American Kestrels and other birds

8-18-07 Saturday Evening, Marin Headlands

8-16-07 Thursday Evening, Falcons, Terns, Pelicans and boats go by Pier 14

8-15-07 Wednesday noon, White Pelicans and an Accipiter over Pier 14

8-14-07 Tuesday noon, Elegant Tern by Pier 14

8-13-07 Monday noon, pelicans, egret and Corona resting

8-03-07 Friday, an Egret, some Pelicans, Parrots and 2 Peregrines

8-02-07 Dapper Dan Soars for Corona

7-28-07 Birding on the Santa Cruz Coast

7-24-07 Dapper Dan Soars Over the City

7-21-07 A Falcon Watcher's Gathering at Long Marine Lab, Santa Cruz and a Remembrance of Brian Walton

7-14-07 Falcon watching in Oakland

7-12-07 San Francisco Wildlife, (including wild Parrots)

7-10-07 Corona hunts for dinner

6-30-07 A visit to Oracle and 2 Peregrines spotted

6-23-07 Golden Gate Bridge, Pelicans, Falcon, Caspian Tern, White-crowned Sparrow

6-16-07 Long Marine Lab, Santa Cruz, Three young peregrines practice their flying

6-16-07 San Jose, City Hall, Esperanza and Jose do some flying

6-14-07 Pier 14 San Francisco, Falcon, Gull, Cormorant and Pelicans - lots of Pelicans

6-07-07 San Francisco, Falcons, Grebes, Cormorant and Pelicans, New Fledglings found in Southeast area of San Francisco

6-04-07 Minnesota Birding Trip Day 6, Wood Lake Nature Center in Minneapolis MN, Part 2

6-04-07 Minnesota Birding Trip Day 6, Wood Lake Nature Center in Minneapolis MN, Part 1

6-03-07 Minnesota Birding Trip Day 5, Common Goldeneye, Bald Eagle, and Loon

6-02-07 Minnesota Birding Trip Day 4, Rainy Day on the Lake

6-01-07 Minnesota Birding Trip Day 3 Part 2, Smoky Hollow Lake @ Outing MN

6-01-07 Minnesota Birding Trip Day 3, near Battle Lake MN

5-31-07 Minnesota Birding Trip Day 2, Elbow Lake & Fergus Falls area MN

5-30-07 Minnesota Birding Trip Day 1, Elbow Lake MN

5-18-07 Three falcons seen fighting over and around W4 on the Bay Bridge

5-10-07 George and Gracie mix it up on the Bay Bridge, hmmm..

5-06-07 Sunday in San Jose at City Hall to see Clara and Jose the peregrines nesting there...

4-26-07 77 Noontime and afternoon viewing of George and Gracie from Pier 14, overhead and on the bridge

4-25-07 Noontime viewing of George and Gracie over and on 77 Beale

4-23-07 77 Beale, the nest location shown and Gracie does some sitting and flying

4-15-07 Great Egrets nesting at Audubon Canyon Ranch, Marin CA

4-07-07 Las Gallinas Wildlife Ponds, near San Rafael and San Pablo Bay

4-04-07 Return to Long Marine Lab to see falcons, black birds and a Northern Harrier

4-03-07 Falcons on the Bridge, a plane, a loon

4-01-07 A Falcon has an early dinner on Capp Street (graphic)

3-30-07 Treasure Island, the Eggs are retrieved from the Bay Bridge

3-28-07 A Raptor is spotted on the AT&T Building in downtown San Francisco

3-24-07 Back at Capp Street, a cloudy Saturday and one Falcon rests on the Steeple

3-22-07 Pier 14, Falcon on the bridge, Ships come in, Grebes swim by, Parrots oh my!

3-17-07 A visit at the Long Marine Lab, Santa Cruz, where falcons were just released

3-10-07 A dawn trip to Treasure Island to try to spot the scrape, George shows the way

3-08-07 A trip to Treasure Island to try to spot the nest and George shows up, eventually

3-07-07 George and Gracie on the Bay Bridge, day 3 lots of flying, but where do they go? plus a Loon

3-06-07 George and Gracie spend more time on the Bay Bridge, a Western Grebe poses, a gull hitches a ride and a square rigger tours

3-05-07 George and Gracie on the Bay Bridge while Gulls and Cormorants swim & fly around us

3-03-07 Sutro Baths, Cormorant, Great Egret, Red-tailed Hawk, Varied Thrush, Pit Bull? (Oh Dear)

2-26-07 77 Beale, a falcon is sighted over the nest box location

2-19-07 A Windy Afternoon for the Red-tailed Hawk

2-17-07 Palo Alto Baylands and Shoreline

2-16-07 Two Steeples, Two Raptors

2-12-07 Red-tailed Hawk on the steeple

2-11-07 Heron's Head, Sunday close to noon.

2-5-07 Pier 14, Panning tests, cormorants, gulls, QM2 later a Red-tailed Hawk

2-3-07 On the way back from the SF Bay Flyway festival, we find out why the Kildeer crossed the road.

2-3-07 The SF Bay Flyway festival on Mare Island.

2-1-07 Testing a new lens, Eared Grebe, Western Gull, Lenses compared using Bay Bridge tower, site of recent amorous falcon activity

1-16-07 A Ruddy Duck for Breakfast on Capp Street, closeups of the falcon

1-14-07 Red-tailed Hawk rests on Temple

1-6-07 Cooper's Hawk preens then flies

1-5-07 Cooper's Hawk breakfasts in the Mission