12-31-08 A Red-tailed Hawk rings out the old year at Capp and 23rd Street, San Francisco, CA

12-26-08 Juvenile Peregrine Falcon at St. Paul's Catholic Church, Church and Valley Streets, San Francisco, CA

12-25-08 Anna's Hummingbird, Christmas Day

11-25-08 2 falcons on the bridge, DC Cormorant, Brown Pelican, Western Gull

11-24-08 Western Gull, portrait in a natural setting

11-21-08 A gaping falcon, a begging gull

11-20-08 "An Evening with Owls" (and people and food and music and hawks & a peregrine too!)

11-20-08 noontime, Yawning Western Gull motion study

11-19-08 Western Gull, a Heermann's Gull and a Clark's Grebe

11-17-08 2 falcons on the bridge, and a Zepplin overhead

11-15-08 Raptor watching at Wavecrest, Half Moon Bay, CA (Red-shoulder, Red-tail, N. Harrier, White-tailed Kite and a Say's Phoebe)

11-11-08 a Heermann's Gull

11-10-08 Sightings near Pier 14, one falcon plus a Heermann's Gull

11-07-08 The Longest Auto Race Centenial (Thomas Flyer), plus a falcon on the bridge

11-06-08 Gulls and Peregrine viewed from Pier 14

11-05-08 Capp Street falcon reappears, a DC Cormorant in the Bay and a Zepplin makes an appearance as well.

10-31-08 2 falcons on the Bay Bridge, and ghostly gulls for Halloween

10-29-08 Capp Street falcon shows its legs

10-28-08 Peregrine still on the steeple the next morning, plus 2 peregrines spotted on the Bridge & bonus shots of Brandt'sCormorant and pelicans

10-27-08 Peregrine on the steeple at 22nd Street and Capp Street

10-26-08 Flying Falconry birds near Davenport, CA (Sophie, Olivia and Cruise)

10-24-08 Peregrine on the Bridge and a Red-tailed Hawk is harassed by two crows over the Embarcadero

10-16-08 An Attack Carrier, Brown Pelicans and 2 Peregrines on the Bay Bridge as viewed from Pier 14

10-12-08 Raptor watching on Hawk Hill, Marin Headlands and an airshow over San Francisco Bay

10-10-08 Blue Angels airshow from Pier 14

10-09-08 The Star Princess, Pelicans, Perigrine and Parrots in the evening

10-04-08 A visit to the Nike Hercules Missile Launch museum near Rodeo Beach in the Marin Headlands (no birds on this page)

09-30-08 One crow landing, and a lot of parrots

09-23-08 Wild Parrots over San Francisco in late afternoon light

09-22-08 A Bug's Eye View of Birds (House Sparrow, Brewer's Blackbird, White-crowned Sparrow)

09-18-08 Sunny viewing of a parrot in a palm tree, in San Francisco

09-17-08 One Peregrine sitting, plus a lot of parrots flying over San Francisco

09-16-08 One Parrot feeding,two parrots flying - two peregrines sitting, one peregrine flying over San Francisco plus one Brewer's Blackbird

09-13-08 Rodeo Beach Lagoon, (Brown Pelican, Killdeer, Snowy Egret, Otters)

09-11-08 On the Aniversary of 9/11, some birding and some sightseeing

09-10-08 A break from the Parrots, Birds from Pier 1 (Western Gulls and a Pelican)and some pigeons...

09-09-08 A mixed day of birding at Justin Herman Plaza & Pier 14, San Francisco (parrots, Robins, Elegant Tern, Western Gulls, Peregrine and Pelicans)

09-05-08 Five Parrots preen each other in a tree at noon at Justin Herman Plaza, San Francisco

09-04-08 A Single Wild Parrot rests in a tree at noon at Justin Herman Plaza, San Francisco

09-03-08 A falcon on the bridge and one much closer in the Mission District plus an Elegant Tern sequence, San Francisco

09-1-08 Hawk Hill (One Sharpie) and Rodeo Beach Lagoon (Red-necked Phalaropes, Brown Pelicans, one Snowy Egret)

08-30-08 Backyard birding - an Anna's Hummingbird and a Western Scrub-Jay, San Francisco

08-26-08 Wild Parrots in San Francisco play overhead at Justin Herman Plaza, San Francisco

08-25-08 Pelicans taking off and diving, Cormorant landing on the bay, and a lone Harbor Seal swims by Pier 14

08-23-08 Bird Island and Pt. Bonita Light House area, pelican portraits and a very photogenic Red-tailed Hawk

08-22-08 Dapper Dan the Peregrine Falcon lunches 23 stories overhead on Steuart Tower - One Market Plaza, San Francisco

08-21-08 Evening viewing this time, Elegant Tern, Snowy Egret, Gulls, Cormorants and Pelicans from Pier 14, San Francisco

08-20-08 Gulls, Cormorants and Pelicans from Pier 14, San Francisco

08-18-08 More Brown Pelicans at noon from Pier 14 plus one Peregrine Falcon and one pigeon,San Francisco

08-13-08 One Elegant Tern at noon from Pier 14, San Francisco

08-12-08 One Elegant Tern, a ship and a lot of Brown Pelicans viewed from Pier 14, San Francisco

08-08-08 Brown Pelicans and Western Gulls at Pier 14, San Francisco

08-06-08 A common Loon relaxes and preens at Pier 14, San Francisco

07-31-08 Wild Parrots were hanging out near the Ferry Building

07-30-08 Ravens and a Peregrine on the US Bank sign, Red-shouldered Hawk, Black Phoebe, and 2 Butterflies

07-29-08 The view from 28 stories up on 140 New Montgomery, plus birding at Pier 14, Pelicans, Elegant Tern, Cormorant

07-28-08 A Pelican, a Cormorant and a Parrot were hanging out near the Ferry Building

07-24-08 Cormorant, Egret and Pelicans in evening light at Pier 14

07-23-08 San Francisco Festival of Sail, and Pelicans

07-22-08 Tall Ships start to arrive plus Western Gulls, Cormorants, and Pelicans

07-21-08 Pier 14, Overcast noontime birding, Snowy Egret and Western Gulls

07-17-08 Pier 14, lots of Pelicans, a helicopter, a yacht, and one lone Peregrine falcon

07-16-08 Pier 5 birding, San Francisco (DC Cormorant, Snowy, Western & Heermann's Gulls, Harbor Seal)

07-14-08 Heermann's Gull and W. Gull in Transition Plumage

07-10-08 Dapper Dan finally caught on the US Bank sign, plus BC Night heron, Heermann's Gull, Brown Pelicans, Cormorants and W. Gull

07-04-08 American Kestrels viewed on July 4th from Bernal Hill, San Francisco

06-23-08 Two Double-crested Cormorants, two seconds of time, motion studies of taking off from the water

06-26-08 A Thousand Fires, Smoke over the Bay, Pelicans and one Cormorant in Soft Light

06-25-08 Brown Pelicans, a close encounter

06-23-08 Cloudy noontime birding at Pier 14, San Francisco

06-21-08 A trip to San Jose to see falcons with a stop at SFO and Oracle

06-19-08 Snowy Egrets and Brown Pelicans over San Francisco Bay

06-16-08 Dapper Dan found perched 26 stories up on 77 Beale, then flies

06-01-08 Peregrine falcon fledglings low down on a beach, somewhere in Northern California

05-24-08 Hudeman Slough Wetland Enhancement Project Birding Trip (Great Horned Owls, RW Blackbirds, Harrier, Kestrel, Calif Quail, Snowy Egret, Cliff Swallows)

05-19-08 Chick removal from W4 of the Bay Bridge, One adult found at E2 on the east span of the bridge

05-17-08 Richardson Bay Bridge, a search for recently fledged peregrines yields other surprises (Great and Snowy Egrets)

05-10-08 Richardson Bay Bridge (Peregrine update), Bird Island lookout (Raven portraits) Rodeo Beach and Lagoon, (mussels, sea stars and Red-winged Blackbird) and more...

05-09-08 Brown Pelicans return to SF Bay, a motion study

05-07-08 A small tall ship enters the bay.

05-01-08 Food delivery at W4 on the Bay Bridge, eyases get fed

04-19-08 Falcons nesting in a natural scrape, somewhere in California

04-13-08 Falcons nesting on Hwy 101 bridge at Richardson Bay Bridge

04-10-08 Falcons again sighted on Bay Bridge

04-04-08 The ship has sailed, but the malady lingers on

04-03-08 A falcon lands on the bridge, a Common Murre swims, a ship comes in

03-22-08 A visit to the north end of SFO, San Francisco International Airport and the Peregrines nesting there

03-13-08 One Scaup, Two Cormorants and one Eel near Pier 14, San Francisco

03-10-08 One falcon on the Bay Bridge

03-07-08 Snowy Egret, one bird in 22 images combined using Photoshop into a Photomontage Motion Study

03-07-08 A pair of falcons on the Bay Bridge, plus a Western Grebe and a Snowy Egret

03-06-08 A single falcon on the Bay Bridge, plus Western & Horned Grebes, Scaups, Pelagic Cormorant and one lone gull in transition plumage

03-05-08 Wooden Ships on the bay, a Clark's Grebe, and Peregrines in Love on the Bridge

03-04-08 Sightings big and small for Tuesday, San Francisco

03-02-08 Raptors on Bernal Hill, San Francisco

02-29-08 A Peregrine Falcon is sighted at 25th and Capp Street

02-27-08 Clark's Grebe, a closeup of lobed feet

02-26-08 Falcons, Gulls and the Bay Bridge

02-25-08 Two Falcons on the Bridge

02-22-08 Juvenile Double-crested Cormorant at the Embarcadero

02-21-08 Sunset on the Bay, with smoke in our eyes...

02-20-08 Horned Grebe and Greater Scaup at Pier 14, San Franscisco

02-19-08 Wild Parrots on the Ferry Building, San Francisco

02-18-08 Birding at Lloyd and North Lakes, Golden Gate Park, San Franscisco (Hooded & Common Mergansers, Ringed-billed duck, American Wigeon, Ruby-crowned Kinglet and Pied-billed Grebe)

02-10-08 Birding at North Lake, Golden Gate Park, San Franscisco (Pied-billed Grebe, Northern Shoveler, Steller's Jay, Red-tailed Hawk)

02-08-08 Foggy noontime birding at Pier 14, San Francisco (Surf Scoters in the fog, Heermann's Gull)

02-07-08 2 Peregrines on the Bay Bridge plus bonus shots of Scaups, Heermann's Gull, Western Grebe and sunset clouds over the San Francisco Bay

02-03-08 A Peregrine Falcon rests and preens on a Billboard at 9th and Brannan Streets, San Francisco

01-30-08 A sunny noontime near Pier 14, San Francisco (One Western, 2 Heerman's Gulls, Scaups, lots of Surf Scoters , 2 Buffleheads and a Horned Grebe)

01-29-08 Gulls and Ducks feeding at lunchtime low tide near Pier 14, San Francisco (Gulls, Scaups, Scoters, Buffleheads)

01-24-08 Windy Evening at Pier 14, San Francisco (Gulls, waves and one Crouching Spider)

01-23-08 Cloudy Day at Pier 14, San Francisco (Grebes, Sea Lion and Western Gull)

01-20-08 Heron's Head and Mission Creek Birdlife

01-18-08 Peregrine in the morning, Kingfisher and Scaup at noon

01-17-08 Red-tailed Hawk on City Hall, San Francisco

01-16-08 Fishing Boats and Sea Lions viewed from Pier 14

01-15-08 A very foggy noontime at Pier 14 (Surf Scoter, Common Loon, Horned Grebe, Western Grebe, and others)

01-15-08 A foggy morning in the Mission, (One Falcon and one Red-tailed Hawk have issues about territory)

01-14-08 A slightly foggy noontime at Pier 14 (Two falcons on the bridge, one Clark's Grebe and one Gull landing)

01-09-08 Red-tail Hawks in downtown San Francisco (One on Hyatt Regency, the other on Mission Street dining on the sidewalk)

01-02-08 Testing a new zoom lens at Pier 14, San Francisco (Western, Heerman's & Ring-billed Gulls, Common Loon, Snowy Egret, Clark's Grebe)

01-01-08 Red-tailed Hawk and Peregrine Falcon at City Hall, San Francisco