12-23-09 Cleaning the camera and replacing the nest gravel at PG&E

12-03-09 Brown Pelicans dive, a Bufflehead flies in and poses, at the Ballpark, San Francisco waterfront

11-08-09 and 11-19-09 A peregrine sits on the AT&T building at Mission and 25nd St, plus sightings on Bay Bridge

11-16-09 Brown Pelicans dive for fish San Francisco Bay

11-12-09 A Peregrine Falcon rests on the Bay Bridge, Plus Brown Pelicans dive for fish

11-07-09 Raven, Hawk and Harrier at Half Moon Bay, plus a Green Flash at Sunset

11-04-09 A peregrine sits on the AT&T building at Mission and 25nd St., San Francisco and flies

10-31-09 Bluftop Coastal Park, Half Moon Bay, Full Moon on Halloween, RT Hawks, Northern Harrier, American Kestrel (lots of hunting), Great Blue Herons, Black Phoebe, Starling, House Finch

10-24-09 Ceasar Chavez Park, Berekeley CA, Burrowing Owls, WT Kite with mouse, White-crowned Sparrow, Ground Squirrels

10-10-09 Wavecrest, Half Moon Bay, RT Hawk w/ prey, WT Kite, N. Harrier, American Kestrel, and Black Phoebe

10-4-09 Corte Madera Ecological Preserve, White Pelicans, Snowy and Great Egrets, Forster's Tern, American Avocets, Motion blur study

10-3-09 Halfmoon Bay, Wavecrest Park, American Kestrel, Red-tailed Hawk, White-tailed Kite

8-22-09 Whale Watching trip to Farallon Is. (Tufted Puffin, Pink-footed Shearwater, Brandt's Cormorants, CA Sea Lions, Humpback Whale and more)

6-25-09 A peregrine sits on US Bank building at Mission and 22nd St., San Francisco then flies

6-13-09 Pt Reyes Lighthouse birding, Brown Pelicans, Common Murres, Sealions, White-crowned Sparrow sings

6-07-09 Great Blue Heron juveniles nesting at Stowe Lake, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

6-04-09 Liwa on 20 California Street, at Market

6-03-09 Liwa returned to PG&E

6-02-09 Kiwel sits, runs, flaps, flies then lands back at 25 Beale St. the PG&E red tile roof.

6-01-09 Liwa, fledgling found at 123 Mission on 4th floor window, Kiwel sits on PG&E roof

5-29-09 Fledge watch, I see lots of flapping, a nest exchange at the Western Gull nest

5-28-09 A rough day for all, Hi the tiercel fledges and hits a window

5-27-09 Three eyases get fed, allopreening between two eyases

5-26-09 Hi, the tiercel gets to watch Dapper Dan take off and land

5-23-09 A peregrine dines on US Bank building at Mission and 22nd St., San Francisco

5-21-09 Diamond Lil enjoys the sunny day by flying for fun

5-19-09 In-flight studies of Dapper Dan and Diamond Lil

5-18-09 Dapper Dan and Diamond Lil both fly, DD stoops from the nest ledge, DL flies up onto the metal screen

5-16-09 Peregrines nest at Pt. Reyes, CA (afternoon sightings, better light, 2 meal deliveries, incredible stoop, bonus bird Osprey with fish)

5-16-09 Peregrines nest at Pt. Reyes, CA (morning sightings, prey retrieved from surf and delivered)

5-14-09 Evening, lots and lots of flying near the nest, food is delivered

5-14-09 Noon viewing, a near food exchange that didn't happen and a stooping dive caught on camera

5-13-09 Things return to normal the day after the banding

5-12-09 Banding the PG&E peregrines

5-9-09 Peregrines nest at Pt. Reyes, CA

5-8-09 Diamond Lil hunts successfully this time, then takes out the left overs. DD flies, bonus bird (Great Blue Heron)

5-6-09 Diamond Lil hunts, but lunch comes from a stash on the window ledge

5-3-09 Return to Moss Landing State Beach (Great Egret hunting, White Pelicans feeding, Great Blue Heron/Snowy Egret size compared)

5-2-09 Pt. Lobos and Carmel (BC Night Heron, Harbor Seal pups, W. Gulls mating, Black Oystercatchers, Peregrine Falcon year old and Acorn Woodpecker)

5-1-09 Monterey Bay Aquarium and what we found there

4-30-09 Moss Landing State Beach, Elkhorn Slough (Great Egret flying sequence, Western Bluebird portraits)

4-27-09 both falcons fly, a mid-air food exchange

4-23-09 Dapper Dan flies from 50 Fremont, evening sighting

4-23-09 Dapper Dan preens, Diamond Lil checks out the sky, on a noontime viewing

4-22-09 Dapper Dan flies, Diamond Lil sits on a hot noontime viewing

4-20-09 Diamond Lil arrives, Dapper Dan leaves the nest on a hot noontime nest exchange

4-18-09 An Afternoon With Raptors, (A Hungry Owl fundraiser for Raptors) at the Marin Art & Garden Center, Ross, CA

4-15-09 Dapper Dan comes then goes off of 77 Beale, and flies overhead as he hunts for lunch

4-13-09 A nest exchange, DL takes off and lands, Dapper Dan drives away a third falcon, then does a few victory laps

4-10-09 Dapper Dan arrives, Diamond Lil fends off ravens at 77 Beale, San Francisco, CA

3-31-09 Diamond Lil departs with lunch from 77 Beale, San Francisco, CA

3-24-09 Peregrines battle over Kirby Cove norht of GG Bridge, plus RT-Hawk & American Kestrel, San Francisco, CA

3-19-09 Red-shouldered Hawk, Embarcadero Plaza Park, San Francisco, CA

3-14-09 Great Egrets, Black-crowned Night Herons in Rookery in Santa Rosa, Barn Owl in Sebastapol, CA

3-12-09 Falcons come and go from 77 Beale

3-5-09 Falcons come and go from 77 Beale, Dinner is delivered, a Russian Yak 3 passes overhead

2-26-09 Falcon flies from the nest ledge, tiercel found on 50 Fremont

2-19-09 2 Peregrine Falcons found on the Main St. side of 77 Beale, one shown taking off

2-18-09 Peregrine Falcons landing at the nest ledge of 77 Beale, then both fly separately

2-17-09 Peregrine Falcon sighted on 201 Mission and 77 Beale, San Francisco

2-2-09 Monday evening, Capp Street, Peregrine Falcon consumes a pigeon (not for the squeamish)

1-27-09 Sunny morning shots of Peregrine Falcon on the steeple at Capp and 23rd Street, plus two on the Bay Bridge

1-19-09 Hooded Mergansers and a Pied-billed Grebe at the lakes in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

1-17-09 Cosumnes River Preserve and Woodbridge Rd, (Sandhill Cranes, Tundra Swans,White-fronted Goose, N. Shoveler, N. Pintail, Great Egret, Ruby-crowned Kinglet and more)

1-2-09 A Peregrine Falcon waits out the wind and rain on a steeple at Capp and 23rd Street