12-30-2010 Birding at North Lake and Lloyd Lake, GG Park, SF (Pied-billed Grebe, Townsend's Warblers, CA Towhee, Black Phoebe, Steller's Jay, Song Sparrow, Mallard, W. Gull, H. Mergansers, RT Hawk)

12-28-2010 Christmas Bird Count, Telegraph Hill, San Francisco (Western Grebe and Clark's Grebe in pair bonding food exchange)

12-11-2010 Christmas San Francisco Bay Area Peregrine Count

11-17-2010 Nest Box Maintenance at PG&E in San Francisco

10-2-2010 Raptors at Bluff Top Coastal Park and Wavecrest, Half Moon Bay (Red-tails, N. Harrier, WT Kite & Kestrels, one with vole)

09-20-2010 First peregrine sighting on the steeple at Capp Street for the end of summer


06-23-2010 Wednesday Evening Falcon watching Part 2 of 2, All three juveniles are spotted, Palladin performs an mid-air transfer, Ari stoops

06-23-2010 Wednesday Evening Falcon watching Part 1 of 2, DD and DL soar, hunt and eat


06-21-2010 Celebrating the Summer Solstice, Ziva returns - re-released at 77 Beale


06-18-2010 Part 3 of 3, Juvenile is fed on top of Matson Building dome, Ari soars over Market and Main

06-18-2010 Part 2 of 3, Diamond Lil in a stooping dive, DD and DL soar over Main and Mission

06-18-2010 Part 1 of 3, Ari and Palladin play tag at 77 Beale


06-16-2010 Evening hunting over Mission Street, mid-air transfer of prey, Ari and Dapper Dan

06-15-2010 The juveniles spread out, the adults soar a lot, Ziva lunches at the bank, Ari wants lunch

06-14-2010 The falcons put on a show for the folks at PG&E

06-10-2010 Dapper Dan soars overhead, Ari soars as well, 4 of the 5 peregrines spotted at lunch

06-09-2010 One Market Plaza sightings, peregrines and ravens

06-08-2010 Peregrines, Gulls and Mourning Doves, all at rest

06-07-2010 Palladin and Dapper Dan, tag your it, or feed me I'm hungry, you decide

06-05-2010 Fledge Watch Party

06-02-2010 Lunch served via mid-air transfer, Ziva gives DD a fright, Aleta was missing, a shot of Millenium Tower penthouse

06-01-2010 Ari eats lunch and takes off, DL comes in to land

05-30-2010 Northern California, some coastal avian species found one sunny Sunday (peregrines, swallows, ravens, pelicans, turkey vulures, osprey)

05-28-2010 Ziva found at 455 Market after a day alone, she flies at 8AM

05-27-2010 Aleta and DL fly at noon, evening brings a mid-air food exchange that just doesn't quite happen, three eat, Ziva is absent

05-26-2010 Fledglings over 77 Beale St., Ari and Aleta fly, Dapper Dan in a tight turn sequence.

05-24-2010 Monday Noon Fledge watch, Aleta flies again from nest ledge, Ziva waits on the ledge

05-23-2010 Sunday Fledge watch, Ari reappears, Aleta practices flapping after her morning fledge to 201 Mission

05-21-2010 Palladin still on 50 Frmont, Aleta on 77 Beale after accidental fledge

05-20-2010 Palladin on 50 Fremont, parents come and go, fledge volunteers keep watch

05-19-2010 Palladin fledges, next day photos

05-17-2010 Rainy noontime portraits of 5 out of 6 peregrines, one stayed dry...

05-14-2010 An overcast Friday noon time flight or two at 77 Beale

05-13-2010 Soaring and hunting at noon, Peregrine Falcons at 77 Beale

05-12-2010 Landing and taking off from 77 Beale and neighboring buildings

05-11-2010 Practice dives, prey is brought in from over the bay and stashed, close up soaring of both adults peregrines

05-06-2010 Dapper Dan and Diamond Lil soar, they take off, they land, they keep an eye on us

05-05-2010 Peregrines soar, lunch is delivered

05-04-2010 Peregrine Falcons nesting on the Northern California coast, lots of soaring in high winds

05-04-2010 Banding Day at Fruitvale Ave Bridge

05-03-2010 Banding Day at PG&E

04-30-2010 Lunch not delivered, DD ordered to hunt, a trip to the US Bank sign

04-29-2010 Lunch delivered, some soaring

04-26-2010 Falcons in Flight, Dapper Dan and Diamond Lil fly, a lot...

04-24-2010 evening: Peregrine Falcons nest on Fruitvale Ave RR bridge, Hiko (from San Jose and his mate Haya) hunt and bring in dinner for three eyases - plus (Anna's Hummingbird, DC Cormorants, Caspian Terns, Sandpipers, Brown Pelican, Surf Scoter, Mallards, and one unlucky pigeon

04-24-2010 Ft Mason easternmost pier and what I saw that morning (Western Gulls, W. Grebe, Brown Pelican, DC Cormorant, C Sea Lion, Alcatraz, GG Bridge)

04-23-2010 Dapper Dan brings in lunch from the US Bank sign, Diamond Lil supervises

04-19-2010 Diamond Lil brings lunch, takes out remains, Dapper Dan takes over watch

04-18-2010 PM Birding at Heron's Head Park, San Francisco (House Finch, White-crowned Sparrow, Ruddy Duck, Mallard in flight, American Avocets in flight, feeding and altercation with Great Blue Heron

04-18-2010 AM Birding at North Lake, GG Park, San Francisco (Ring-necked Ducks, Mallards, Ruddy Duck, Black Phoebe, Anna's Hummingbird)

04-16-2010 Diamond Lil and Dapper Dan at noon over 77 Beale

04-15-2010 Diamond Lil and Dapper Dan hunt in the evening...

04-14-2010 Diamond Lil and Dapper Dan hunt at noon

04-12-2010 The crows, a robin, a hummingbird and a falcon - birds seen at Mission and Main Street, San Francisco

04-06-2010 Diamond Lil, 40 plus stories over Fremont and Mission Streets

04-01-2010 A quiet day of nest exchanges

03-31-2010 Dapper Dan deals with a passing Peregrine Falcon

03-30-2010 Diamond Lil soars 12 stories up over Mission and Steuart Streets, San Francisco

03-25-2010 Diamond Lil hunts at noon, eats at five

03-21-2010 Glenn Stewart's talk on Celebrating the Return of the Peregrine Falcon at the Seymour Marine Discovery Center, Long Marine Lab, Santa Cruz, and Sophie

03-20-2010 Stowe Lake birding, Great Blue Herons nest and mate, a Pied-billed Grebe, an American Coot and a lone Red-tailed Hawk

03-17-2010 Pelagic Cormorant fishes at Pier 14, San Francisco

03-14-2010 Birding at Cooper – Garrod Vineyards, a POST volunteer celebration event

03-09-2010 Great-tailed Grackle and Pelagic Cormorant, two dis-similar black birds at the Embarcadero, SF

03-08-2010 Birding on the Bay, a old ship gets towed, a gull shows oil, and a Red-tailed Hawk survives attack from Dapper Dan and Diamond Lil

03-04-2010 Western Grebe fishing near the Ferry Building, Shrimp!

03-01-2010 Peregrines nesting on 77 Beale St, San Francisco

02-28-2010 a banded Red-tailed Hawk in the Mission District, San Francisco

02-25-2010 a Pelagic Cormorant fishes in San Francisco Bay, plus a Brandt's Cormorant shows its blue chin

02-21-2010 female Cooper's Hawk graces my neighbor's roof on a rainy, cloudy Sunday, San Francisco

02-13-2010 Crissy Field, San Francisco, (Pocket Gopher, Brown Pelican with band "A69",Anna's Hummingbird, Raven in flight,Leucistic Golden Crowned Sparrow, Song Sparrow, White-crowned Sparrow, Great Egret, Snowy Egret, Red-breasted Mergansers, Ring-billed Gull with clam, Willet bathing

02-13-2010 (GG Park, Pt 3 of 3) American Bison Paddock and a soaring Red-tailed Hawk

02-13-2010 (GG Park, Pt 2 of 3) Ducks of Lloyd Lake, San Francisco, Hooded Merganser, American Wigeon, Mallard, Ring-necked Duck

02-13-2010 (GG Park, Pt 1 of 3) Great Blue Herons nesting at Stowe Lake, RT Hawks, Red-winged Hawk, Steller's Jay, Pied-billed Grebe

02-11-2010 Hawk in the Mission, peregrines at 77 Beale, gull and cormorant along the waterfront

01-31-2010 Birding at Heron's Head Park, San Francisco, Anna's Humminbird, Snowy Egret, Belted Kingfisher, Spotted Sandpiper, Black Oystercatcher

01-16-2010 Birding at Crissy Field, San Francisco, Long-billed Curlew, Common Loon, Anna's Hummingbird, Yellow-rumped Warbler