12-13-2011 Peregrines defend their nest on cleaning day at 77 Beale, San Francisco

12-10-2011 Birds at the Palace of Fine Arts on 2nd Annual Peregrine count (no peregrines sighted) instead, 15 Black-crowned Night Herons, Ravens, Coots, Ring-necked Ducks, Mallards, and lots of bathing gulls.

11-25-2011 Heron's Head Park- Avocet, Pelican diving, Cormorant, Horned and Western Grebes, Yellowlegs, Spotted Sandpiper, Wigeon, White-crowned Sparrow

10-22-2011 Red-tailed Hawks, American Kestrels and a White-tailed Kite at Wavecrest Park in Half Moon Bay

09-28-2011 An adult peregrine falcon perches on the steeple in the Mission District in San Francisco

09-05-2011 Heron's Head Park - The other birds I saw that day, Snowy Egret, Yellow Legs, Willet, Whimbrel, Sandpipers, Long-billed Curlew

09-05-2011 Heron's Head Park - The two adult Clapper Rails in overcast soft light

09-04-2011 Heron's Head Park - juvenile Clapper Rail crosses the pond in bright sun

08-28-2011 Heron's Head Park - juvenile Clapper Rail sighted

08-13-2011 Falconry in Santa Cruz, Glenn Stewart flies Sophie and we visit with a rehabed peregrine, Delta

08-13-2011 Youtube video of Glenn Stewart flying his peregrine falcon Sophie in Santa Cruz

07-31-2011 Snowy Plovers and Marbled Godwits at Ocean Beach, San Francisco

07-31-2011 Great Horned Owls at Stow Lake, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

07-17-2011 Sunday birding at Heron's Head Park, Snowy Egret, Great Blue Heron, Starlings, White-crowned Sparrow

07-07-2011 A Cooper's Hawk dines on our back yard fence

07-05-2011 Falcon visits the bank in the evening

06-26-2011 Ft. Point birding, Pigeon Guillemot, Brown Pelicans, Common Loon, Western and Clark's Grebes

06-21-2011 Falcon on the Bank

06-20-2011 The New Falcon Returns

06-19-2011 A New Falcon in the Mission

06-02-2011 Falcon Watching at Noon

05-31-2011 Four Falcons Over San Francisco

05-28-2011 Somewhere on the Northern California Coast, 3 weeks later, two have fledged and one left to go, see 05-07-2011 below for the previous photos...

05-24-2011 Two tiercels found

05-23-2011 Tracking the Falcons, north past Market, plus a House Finch

05-20-2011 Fledge Watch - Friday, Falcon Frenzy

05-19-2011 Fledge Watch - Thursday, Ayah had fledged, DL delivers a meal to her at 201 Mission

05-18-2011 Fledge Watch - the boys are restless

05-17-2011 Fledge Watch - DL delivers a meal to the rooftop

05-15-2011 Heron's Head Park - hour before sunset, Canada Geese, Black-necked Stilts, A. Avocet, Marbled Godwit, Killdeer, Sutro Tower, Moon rise

05-14-2011 Academy of Science, Golden Gate Park, SF CA, reptiles and fish and bicycles too

05-13-2011 Three eyases on the ledge, Diamond Lil flies out front to protect them

05-11-2011 Workers on roof across the street upset DL who makes multiple passes at them.

05-10-2011 Parents fly, first young makes it to the nest ledge, 67/P gets some sightseeing in.

05-09-2011 Dapper Dan and Diamond Lil hunt at noon

05-07-2011 Somewhere on the Northern California Coast, 3 peregrine eyases get fed

05-07-2011 Short video of the feeding in the link above...

05-05-2011 Hot day for falcons, but must hunt...

05-03-2011 Diamond Lil, restless

05-02-2011 Peregrines over San Francisco, a study in grace

04-29-2011 Lunch time hunting for both peregrines, Dapper Dan delivers lunch

04-28-2011 Banding Day at PG&E, 3 eyases are banded

04-28-2011 Banding Day at PG&E, Dapper Dan and Diamond Lil attempt to drive us off

04-13-2011 Fast flying falcons over Mission and Howard Streets

04-12-2011 Dapper Dan brings in lunch, then does some flying

04-11-2011 Cloudy day for falcon watching, plus baby Pumpkin Spiders!

04-10-2011 Stow Lake, GG Park -Great Blue Herons and Great Horned Owls w/ young + Cedar Waxwings, Yellow-rumped Warbler, Red-winged Blackbird, Hooded Merganser

04-06-2011 Third chick hatched, both DD and DL fly, DL hunts and brings back lunch

04-05-2011 On hatch day, Dapper Dan soars over the city, DL brings in a meal

04-02-2011 Stow Lake, GG Park, San Francisco-Great Blue Heron and Great Horned Owl with young plus Great Blue Herons flying.

02-26-2011 Heron's Head Park, overcast day - Ruddy Duck, Black-bellied plover, Snowy Egret taking off, Lesser Yellow Legs, and American Avocets

02-19-2011 Heron's Head Park at high tide -Clark's Grebe, Ruddy Ducks, Savannah Sparrow, Canada Goose, American Avocets and a lone Snowy Egret waits out the storm

02-21-2011 Heron's Head Park, Oystercatchers and Willets feed, an American Kestrel poses

02-20-2011 Crissy Field, White-crowned Sparrow sings, a Great Blue Heron flies

02-13-2011 Wildcare releases a rehabilitated peregrine falcon in Oakland CA

02-10-2011 Falcon watching in San Francisco, plus a Western Grebe swims past Pier 14

02-08-2011 A new nesting season begins in San Francisco, Ravens, Peregrine Falcons including a juvenile visitor, plus one gull and Western Grebe

01-23-2011 Snowy Plover, WC Sparrow, Anna's Hummingbird at Crissy Field, RT and RW Hawks, Steller's Jay, Bushtits at N. Lake, albino gull and Wood Ducks at Lloyd Lake in Golden Gate Park

01-16-2011 Birding at Palo Alto Baylands (White Pelicans and more)