11-10-2012 Raptors at Wavecrest in Half Moon Bay, CA, red-tailed hawk, American Kestrel and white-tailed kites hunt and have an argument

09-21-2012 Waiting for the Space Shuttle Endeavour to fly over the San Francisco Bay

09-15-2012 White-crowned Sparrow and Western Gull Family at Heron's Head Park

08-19-2012 Barn Swallows at Pier 94

07-28-2012 Osprey nest in San Francisco

05-26-2012 Young Peregrines Fly Over the Northern California Coast, plus osprey

05-25-2012 Friday Falcon Watching

05-24-2012 Perry Flies

05-23-2012 Juveniles Fly Over Mission Street

05-20-2012 Birding in Portland Oregon, Osprey, Peregrines and Wood Ducks, Oh My!

05-17-2012 Portland Oregon Arboretum and more

05-11-2012 3rd day of Fledge Watch, two tiercels returned to the ledge for re-release

05-10-2012 2nd day of Fledge Watch, Sutro had fledged

05-08-2012 On the Eve of Fledge Watch

05-07-2012 A Complicated Prey Delivery

05-06-2012 An Easy Prey Delivery

05-01-2012 Dapper Dan and Diamond Lil, perched and flying

04-26-2012 SF Peregrines eat and fly, a timeline...

04-23-2012 Banding Day, PG&E falcons

04-22-2012 Foggy and Dark, Birding at Stow Lake and Lloyd Lake, GB Herons, Canada Geese goslings, Oregon Juncos, and a Calla Lily

04-18-2012 Both falcons in motion, close cropped views

04-16-2012 A Disturbance over Mission Street (Close views of Diamond Lil as she swoops low over 201 Mission St)

04-14-2012 Falcon Watching on the Northern California coast (Peregrines nesting, adult and 1 year old in territory dispute) + TV, C. Ravens, B Pelicans, American Goldfinches, Whimbrels, and Wild Turkeys

04-11-2012 Diamond Lil & Dapper Dan fly- Red-tailed Hawk is driven off

04-06-2012 Diamond Lil up close

04-05-2012 Diamond Lil soars with a Red-tailed Hawk, then brings in prey

04-04-2012 Hunting at noon, plus a Sharp-shinned Hawk passes by

04-02-2012 With 4 eyases in the nest, both parents hunt

03-29-2012 Lunch Delivered and a Nest Exchange

03-26-2012 Nest Exchange at Noon

03-25-2012 Heron's Head Park and India Basin, Spottted Sandpiper, Belted Kingfisher, Common Goldeneye,Western, Pied-billed and Horned Grebes, Snowy Egret, Meadow Lark, White-crowned Sparrow, Western Gull

03-21-2012 Diamond Lil takes a break


03-11-2012 A Pocket Gopher, Owls fledged, Great Blue Herons nesting, a Song Sparrow sings

02-19-2012 Revisting the Great Horned Owls in Golden Gate Park

02-12-2012 Heron's Head - A Cloudy Day, Sandpipers, Avocets, Long-Billed Curlew, Snowy Egret

02-5-2012 Great Horned Owls nest in Golden Gate Park, also spotted, Red-tailed Hawks, Anna's & Allen's Hummingbirds

01-29-2012 Herons' Head Park, San Francisco: Clapper Rail, Black-necked Stilt, American Avocet and Wigeons, Black Oystercatcher (juvenile beak markings)