11-24-2013 600 plus Double-crested Cormorants at India Basin, taken from Heron's Head Park, 22 overlapping shots, scroll horizontally

11-24-2013 Sunday Birding at Heron's Head Park

10-17-2013 Bluff Top Coastal Park, Half Moon Bay,( N. Harrier, House Finch, Downy Woodpecker, Red-tailed Hawks)

07-28-2013 a Mourning Dove nests in my back yard, and at Heron's Head Park -Black-bellied Plovers rest, Snowy Egrets and a Double-crested Cormorant fish, and a Caspian Tern flies

07-06-2013 26 days later, the peregrines have fledged, plus a Scrub Jay

06-16-2013 Back at the Aerie Again, checking up on the falcons, plus N. Harrier, Turkey Vultures, Osprey and California Quail

05-31-2013 Love on the rocks continues, banding the eyaes (2 female, and one male)

05-19-2013 Tennessee Valley CA birding (Spotted Towee, Turkey Vulture, Pipevine Swallowtail, Song Sparrow

05-12-2013 Love on the rocks continues, a prey delivery to the yet to be seen eyases

05-5-2013 Heron's Head Park - Red-winged Blackbirds, A. Avocets nesting, Snowy Egret fishing, Osprey overhead, crabs

04-14-2013 Juvenile female Cooper's Hawk dines on Mourning Dove on my backyard fence (comparison shooting through old window glass, screen and clear air)

03-24-2013 Falcon love on the rocks (peregrine falcons mating, north of San Francisco)

03-17-2013 Birding at César Chávez Park on the Berkeley waterfront. Great Blue Heron, ground squirrels, Savannah Sprrow, and a quad copter drone...

03-12-2013 Falcons in downtown San Francisco, at PG&E and at Paramount Condos

03-11-2013 Falcons, everywhere I look, falcons...

03-3-2013 Heron's Head Park, once more, Snowy Egret takes off, Common Raven, Black Oystercatcher oustes American Wigeons, Avocets feed.

02-18-2013 President's Day at Herons' Head Park, White-crowned Sparrows sing, Curlew, Canada Geese, Avocets

01-21-2013 A Short-eared Owl pursued by crows, passes over Herons' Head Park, plus an Anna's Hummingbird

01-06-2013 Herons' Head Park, San Francisco: Black-necked Stilt, American Avocets, American Wigeons