12-31-2014 Heron's Head Park and Pier 94, Red-tailed Hawk feeding and Brown Pelicans diving, banded Brown Pelican V03 plus ducks, avocets and many others

11-11-2014 Brown Pelicans over San Francisco Bay

10-20-2014 Pt. Lobos - Bird Ilsand Trail (Great Egret Great Blue Heron, Brown Pelicans, Gull with crab, Harbor Seals

10-19-2014 Monastery Beach and Pt. Lobos- Whaler's Cove (Belted Kingfisher, Heermann's Gulls Black Oystercatchers)

10-18-2014 Pacific Grove Monarch Butterflies, Garland Ranch Regional Preserve

10-17-2014 Carmel Valley and Monterey Bay Aquarium (Hermit Thrush, Squid, Octopus, Jellies and more)

06-14-2014 The Fledglings on the coast are flying fine, plus one on the beach

06-08-2014 The coastal falcons have fledged, a meal is served

06-01-2014 Return visit to the coastal eyrie, eyases almost ready to fledge, prey exchange and delivery of a vole

05-30-2014 Fledged Falcons over Frisco (Lotta and Tera resting on rooftops)

05-16-2014 Banding day at coastal eyrie

05-07-2014 Banding day at PG&E

04-26-2014 A visit to a coastal eyrie, Peregrine Falcons nesting beside the Pacific Ocean

03-08-2014 Herons' Head Park- Avocets in breeding plumage, Night Herons, Least Sandpiper, White-crowned Sparrow, Killdeer, Kingfisher, Whimbrel and more

01-25-2014 Moon and Saturn viewed from our back porch

01-20-2014 Birding in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, (Red-tailed Hawks, Steller's Jay, Great Egret, Hooded Mergansers, Black Phoebe and many others)

01-18-2014 44 Montgomery St has a new nest box for peregrines...

01-12-2014 Herons' Head Park, San Francisco: Common Goldeneye, Black-Bellied Plover, American Wigeon, Yellow Legs, American Avocet, Snowy Egret, Anna's Hummingbird