10-05-2018 Blue Angels practice, Brown Pelicans, Cormorants and Gulls ignore them plus one gigantic bag of hot air shaped like a chicken...

09-14-2018 Playing tourist with a new Sony RX10 MK4 in my hometown of San Francisco, Brown Pelicans, Elegant Tern, Kingfisher, Common Raven and one very relaxed pigeon

09-14-2018 A first year Peregrine Falcon takes off on a foggy morning in the Mission District of San Francisco

04-19-2018 Banding Day at PG&E (Peregrine Falcons)

04-14-2018 Birding at El Polin Spring in the Presidio in San Francisco, Allen's Hummingbird, White-crowned Sparrow

03-25-2018 Birding at Golden Gate Park at the lakes (Allen's Hummingbird, Nuttall's Woodpecker, Great Horned Owl, and more)

01-14-2018 Birding at SF Botanical Garden (Red-Shoulder Hawk) plus Western Bluebird outside park