October 8 , 2009 Video on Bird Safe Building Design at San Francisco Planning Commission

The San Francisco Planning Commission heard a report on bird safe building design, see section 6A. The entire meeting can be viewed at this location:

Planning Commission full proceedings


For the complete guidelines referred to in the above video,

see the New York Audubon chapter link

Or click here for the downloadable Bird Safe Building Design Guidelines PDF

From the introduction...

"The Bird-Safe Building Guidelines (Guidelines) examine the apparent causes of bird mortality in the built environment;
convey the ecological, economic, ethical and legal justifications for bird conservation; advocate a series of preventative
and rehabilitative strategies, and describe precedents for regulatory initiatives. They strive to stimulate the development
of new glazing technologies while creating a market for all bird-safe building systems.
The Guidelines promote measures to protect birdlife in the planning, design, and operation stages of all types of
buildings, in all settings. They are intended for use by architects, landscape architects, engineers, glass technicians,
environmentalists, building owners and operators, construction industry stakeholders, city planners, civic officials,
state and federal agencies, and the general public.
The Guidelines complement and inform today’s green building initiatives, especially the widely utilized LEED®
(Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) green building rating system developed by the US Green Building
Council. "